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  1. (Truth of Your Representations) - you are the grower delivering or contracting to deliver grain to one or more of our Ag Business Centres and to whom we have assigned the account credentials, and that all information provided to us by you (including in any application form or account opening documentation delivered to us by you or in any fillable form completed by you on our website) is and will be true, correct and complete in all respects and at all times and that you will notify us promptly if any of that information changes. You agree that each time you log into your account, you will verify your account information, including your contact details and our Ag Business Centre designated as your local elevator, and will notify us promptly if any of the account information is incomplete or inaccurate.

  2. (Your Consent to Electronic Communications) - you understand that you will have the ability to receive contracts and other documents (each, a “Richardson Document” and collectively, “Richardson Documents”) from us by e-mail, other electronic communications or by accessing your account on our website using your secure account credentials. You consent to your receipt of Richardson Documents electronically from us and to your receipt of emails, or other electronic communications, from us in relation to Richardson Documents. You acknowledge that these electronic communications are for the purpose of facilitating, completing, confirming and/or executing existing agreements, new agreements and renewal agreements between us. During the term of any such agreement, you acknowledge that any further electronic communications are business to business communications for the purposes of the facilitation and administration of contracts between us and you consent to same. You acknowledge that you may withdraw this consent at any time by giving us notice in writing of your request to terminate your account credentials, but that no such withdrawal of consent is effective until we have received and processed your request.

  3. (Personal Information Acknowledgment) - you acknowledge and agree that Richardson Documents may contain personal information about you. You further acknowledge and agree that this personal information may be collected, used and disclosed as outlined herein or as otherwise consistent with the purpose of the Richardson Document.

  4. (Confirmation of Your Agreement to our Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy) - you have read, understand and agree to all of the general terms and conditions of use of our website and our Privacy Policy (available for review at http://www.richardson.ca/legal) (the “Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy”), all of which apply when accessing and using your account on our website. If there is any inconsistency between the provisions of the general terms and conditions of use of our website, our privacy policy and this document, the provisions of this document shall prevail to the extent of any inconsistency to govern the use of your account and account credentials.

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  6. (Your Indemnity) - In addition to the general limitations of liability and indemnities contained in our Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, all of which also apply, you specifically agree to indemnify and hold harmless Richardson and all of its subsidiaries and affiliates, and their respective directors, officers, employees and agents, from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities and costs (including reasonable legal fees and expenses) incurred by Richardson or by any subsidiary or affiliate thereof, or by you, arising out of or in respect of any unauthorized use of your account accessed by your account credentials.

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  9. (Language) You acknowledge that access to your account, and the website is in English only. You have expressly agreed that this Agreement and all related documents be drafted in English. Vous avez expressément requis que les présentes et tout document y affèrent soient rédigés en langue anglaise.